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Anita Steele

 Yoga Teacher, Health and Life Coach

Anita Steele was born and grew up in Montenegro, a little Mediterranean country, where she earned her bachelor's degree in music education. Not fully satisfied with the traditional classroom education she pursued education and a career in mindfulness, which she studied on both continents- in Europe and in the USA. She studied meditation from Peter Perovic and Nebojsa Vuckovic, well recognized mindfulness teachers and authors of the book "The book about you". She is a certefied Yoga teacher, certefied Health and Health coach, earned a Reiki Master Certificate, two levels of tai-chi and has over ten  years of experience in working with energy. 

After seeing how mindfulness positively transforms and restores lives she decided to pursue children's yoga certification.

Anita Steele developed the Mindful Kids program as a unique way of providing children with the tools, knowledge and ability to calm, center, concentrate and respond to stressful or difficult situations in a healthy and positive manner.

She helps people restore back their health and reverse chronic diseases through habit change, in her 12 weeks to New You Transformation Program. 


Carol Lott - Dharma Yoga Instructor

Carol Lott  is the founder of the Massage and Yoga Center. She is a Certified Dharma Yoga Instructor and a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She teaches multiple classes; Gentle Yoga, All Levels Yoga, Chair Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Relaxation, and Meditation.She is available for private lessons, corporate, small groups, organizations, and workshops.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana on Buddha Beach in Sedona, Arizona March, 2012

"I have been practicing Meditation since I was age 16. I started exploring the world of Yoga at age 22. In my early 30's I studied with the Self- Realization Fellowship for 3 years and received spiritual lessons from Paramahansa Yogananda. After many years of having had my own yoga practice, in 2007, at age 35, I became a Certified Yoga Instructor. In 2009 I studied with Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra and became a Certified Dharma Yoga Teacher."

Golden pieces of advice to maintain optimum health.

"I don't procrastinate for anything. If I want to do something I feel that all the power in the universe is right inside of me and I don't think that anything is impossible. I usually don't wake up thinking something bad is going to happen.....that this is wrong or that is wrong...I only wake up thinking about the birds and nature and how beautiful it is."

 - Tao Porchon-Lynch

Tao Porchon-Lynch. For me, she is "The Mother of Yoga". Presently the Oldest living female Yoga Teacher. I am most grateful to have Tao as one of my Guru's. She provides me with great inspiration and knowledge on how to live a long, healthy, happy life!
Sri Dharma Mittra, known as " the teacher of teachers".

Dharma Mittra taught me how to create my own "back up light". His series of postures has helped me to feel wonderful physically and mentally by creating flexibility of the spine and the mind. Dharma taught me the deep benefits to be found in simple poses and how to "get there" through compassion for yourself & others.


During my trainings with Dharma, he graciously passed on knowlege both physical, mental, and spiritual. He shares the knowlege he attained from over 50 years of his own personal physical & spiritual practice of living life as a Yogi.


When I decided to become a teacher, I asked for, "not just a yoga teacher that taught physical postures but someone who could teach me how to live like a Yogi in direct communion with the Divine." Dharma's light is so bright, he lit the way for me and I now serve to light the way for others. Dharma is a Master of all styles of Yoga, Martial Arts and a Master at the Game of Life. I am eternally thankful that the answer to my prayer, came in the form of Dharma Mittra, my Guru, Yoga Master & Psychic teacher. Om Sri Dharma Mittra Ki Jai !!!!

Carol in a back bend- Flagstaff, Arizona- 2012
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