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Crystal Basics

June 29th, 11:00 am

In this class you will learn the basics of crystals, their care and their metaphysical properties. Chose a crystal that speaks to you personally and learn how to meditate with your crystal and take in all its healing properties. 
Each person will be bringing one crystal home with them.
Tea and refreshments will be offered during class

$35 a student, register ahead

Mindful Kids Yoga with Anita


Form your own home-school group

of 5 or more students

or for your childs next birthday ....

have a Kids Yoga Party !


Mindful Kids Yoga Classes runs in 6 week series. Drop in's accepted but please call ahead to check for space.

For more information, Contact Anita


~Laughter Yoga~

Get a group of 4 or more friends together and have  your own group session

Instructor: Carol Lott, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

$12 per person please call/email Carol to set a date!

Laughter Yoga is hard to describe.

It just has to be experienced.

No prior Yoga experience is necessary.

Dress in loose, comfortable clothes.

Do not eat at least a half hour to hour before class.

We will be bare foot for most of class. (bring your socks)

Bring water.

There will be a whole lot of laughing going on!

Class ends with Relaxation.


"The man who can reform himself can reform the world."

- Swami Yogananda

Introduction to Aromatherapy or Precious Essentials Aromathery Class. Get some friends together & make it a party! My place or Yours!

During this class learn,


  • how essential oils are created,
  • how to select the appropriate essential oils,
  • how to choose & use carrier oils,
  • how & where to store oils properly,
  • learn to use essential oils medicially to support

              the mind, body & spirit

  • how to use them for organic housekeeping
  • Learn what the cautions/contraindications are for use


Choose to create this class and all guests get 10% off any kit the day of the class






~Reiki I & 2 Certification~

            Held on a Saturday or Sunday 1:00-6:00

If Interested, please inquire, classes are always forming

Instructor: Carol Lott, Reiki Master

Become a Certified Reiki Practitioner

  • Deepen your knowledge of the history of Reiki 
  • Explore energy work 
  • Learn about giving Reiki Energy to yourself and others
  • Strengthen your connection to Reiki Energy
  • Experience a Reiki Share
  • Certification is given after completing the day of instruction & 2 attunements by a Reiki Master.


                                Form your own class or wait for our next scheduled class

                                                                            $100 / person



Become a Certified Level 2 Reiki Practioner. For those who have already received Reiki I and are ready to learn to send Reiki on a higher level.

  • Deepen your knowledge of energy work,
  •  Strengthen your connection to Reiki Energy,
  •  Learn to send Reiki across distances,
  •  Experience a Reiki Share. 
  • Start marketing yourself as a Reiki Practitioner

 Pre-requisite Reiki 1 and at least 1 mo. of practice  (may be from any Usui lineage.)

Form your own class or ask about our next scheduled date.

$150 per person

$20 deposit is required to reserve your space.

$130 due by the start of the first class.


Meditation group

Instructor: Carol Lott

 Form your own group

Meditation and Tea

Massage and Yoga Center enjoys hosting this event because we know there is strength in numbers. When we meditate together, we are able to grow within our meditation practice.

Within the hour there are two sessions of 15 minute meditations.

  • meditating is good for the mind, body & spirit
  • good for those new to meditating or those who want to strengthen their current practice


"Be the change you want to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi

  ~ Reiki / Energy Exchange~

     Give & Receive


This monthly event is for all Ages of all stages.

Why hold an Energy Exchange?

  • to provide a regular scheduled time and place for those who are already energy practitioners to recharge their body batteries
  • to provide a space for energy practitioners to volunteer their services to each other.
  • to collect donations for our local Exeter Food Bank. Please bring an item or two to donate.(non perish).
  • to host a forum for questions and answers related to Energy Work,
  • because everyone benefits from sharing; the givers, the receivers and the members of the Food Bank!

We accept money and food donations for the Exeter Food Bank. 100% of collections directly benefits our local community!


Open Hours/Shop Hours

Mon - Fri  10:00-6:00

Saturday 10:00-2:00

All other hours by appt. only

Stop by the Center anytime & pick up a schedule or brochure.They are available outside!

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