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Pain Relief

We sell a number of pain relief creams and items to help you through every day. All products are all natural. 



CBD Creme

CBD cream is a pain relief cream that is cannabis infused. These creams are 100% legal and contain no THC, so you will not have any "high" side affects. They do however offer long-lasting relief from muscle and joint pain, arthritis, sprains, bruises, cramps and related discomfort. There are 5 levels of pain relief from mild to serve and pro sport. Level intensity depends on the amount of menthol, camphor and cannabis is in the cream. We can help you pick out the best cream for your problem. A little goes a long way with this cream!

Level One, Mild Odor-Free: $25
Level Two, Mild-Moderate: $35
Level Three, Moderate: $45
Level Four, Severe: $55
Level Five, Pro Sport: $90

Arnicare Gel

Homeopathic Medicine


"Arnicare Gel is made from Arnica montana(mountain daisy) which has been used for centuries to naturally relieve pain. It has a cooling effect for fast pain relief."


$13, in stock

Arniflora Gel


"Used to relieve the after-effects of falls, blows, sports injuries and overexertion. It helps relieve the pain, swelling and muscle stiffness caused by over-exercising and physical trauma."

$14, in stock

Arnicare Tablets

Homeopathic Medicine

Non-Drowsy, No drug Interaction. Works naturally with your body.

Arthitis Pain: Joint and Rheumatic relief 

Pain Relief: Muscle Pain & Stiffness. Swelling from injuries and bruising. 

$12, Limited Stock


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