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Mindful Kids Yoga with Anita

Mindful Kids Yoga is an inspired yoga program to embrace and nurture the hearts of our children.

  • Yoga asana is integrated with imaginative play and music.
  • Exercises such as mindfulness, relaxation and visualization are used to encourage and support self-esteem, concentratrion and loving-kindness.
  • Breathing exercises are practiced to enhance body / mind / energy awareness and emotional balance.

The Mindful Kids Yoga Classes will benefit children in many ways:

  • Building confidence
  • Awareness of their healthy bodies and healthy eating
  • Better concentration
  • Better dealing with intense feelings, like anger, jealousy, sadness, emptiness, etc.....
  • Calmer mind
  • Less stress which will bring more happiness and joyfulness.

Mindful Kids Yoga

Summer Camp

Craft and Games Night

Friday September 28th

Friday October 26th


$15 (10% off each additional sibling)

Ages 5-12
This fun class will be filled with creative crafts and fun games for kids! Class is 2 hours long, perfect for any parents who need some time to themselves. Pre-registration required.

Wednesdays 4:45-5:45

(Starting back up after summer)
For all the kids that like to move a lot. This class will be dynamic, with lots of fitness, stretching, hand stands and acro poses! Short relaxation at the end.


Mindful Kids Yoga 

(Starting back up after summer)

Wednesdays 6-7
Children will have opportunity to learn yoga through fun games; relaxation and visualization techniques, breath control, emotions management. We talk about healthy eating and living habits and teach ways to embrace our authenticity and discover a unique set of talents that each child poses. 
In every class we get creative through music, movement, dance, story building and unique crafts. 


Next Sessions Starting This Fall

6 weeks sessions

$65 CASH a child if signed up by TBA

Additional sibling 20% off 

$75 for 6 weeks if paid after (...) or by card

(Please note that a price change is now in effect, all Kids Yoga Classes will have a fee for credit card/check payments. There is also a new fee for late payments. We no longer will offer 20% off a second sibling on late payments. If you have any questions contact Anita.) 

Pre-Registration is required

Interested in dropping in? Call ahead to reserve a space $12/ class

Download and Print release form here.
Please return form with payment -cash or check
Make checks out to ANITA STEELE
Drop off at the Center during open hours, or mail to
Massage and Yoga Center/ Anita Steele
3815 Perkiomen Ave
Reading Pa 19606
Yoga Form Mindful Kids Yoga Release.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [204.3 KB]

Kids Yoga Parties


For more information and

to reserve your space contact

Anita Steele



Home schooled?

Form your own class of 5 or more students

  Thursdays or Fridays during the day.

Click here for Miss Anita's Bio

Mindfulness classes were created to provide special time for children to get to know themselves better, to learn to deal with different feelings and truly love the person they are.


Today's children are born into a modern world and pace of living that is way faster than their body and mind's capabilities. They are exposed to constant stimulations like: television, video games, smartphones after school activities, etc. They are taught to compare themselves to others or to measure up to certain standards. Due to all these, our children learn to work hard but never learn to simply BE. They are sucked into external world leaving them strangers to themselves, incapable of understanding their own feelings and the levels of stress they are under. During puberty, a feeling of confusion grows which results in feelings of being unfulfilled, lost and angry children.


Yoga is the easiest and most acceptable way of helping children to turn toward their inner self. Yoga poses can be used in imaginative play. While engaging their physical bodies and slowly engaging their minds, yoga helps them to bring their awareness to the present moment.Tai- chi is another wonderful discipline that will help teach "slowing down" and being present. Used after yoga it brings kids into an even slower, more relaxed mode. A few minutes of total relaxation and visualization helps kids completely relax and let go of stress. One of my favorite is a "magic carpet" where they lay on their backs, doing conscious breathing and imagining that we are flying on the magic carpet. Oh, the wonderful thing we see with our eyes of imagination!

I like to use my music teacher's experience to incorporate music into the class. I like to finish by listening to a piece of classical music and drawing or writing about feelings that the music awakens in them. Crafting and journaling following relaxation allows children to explore their inner consciousness and expand their creativity.We then discuss each.


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