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Maggie Mirenda, MRP

Certified Medical Reflexologist Practitioner


$10.00 off your first one hour

session of Reflexology

Reflexology is a Science that deals with the principle that there are reflexes in the hands and feet which directly correspond to all the organs and glands of the body. By using the thumbs and fingers on these reflexes it helps to balance the body, mind and spirit.

The question asked most is,

"Can I get an HOUR of Reflexology on just my feet?"

the answer is YES!

The Second most asked question is, "Can I get Reflexology on my hands?"

The answer is YES!


You can get a hour on either your hands or feet. Or schedule a 90 minute and get a cobontion of the two. 


Maggie Mirenda, Medical Reflexologist

60 min / $50.    90min / $75.


Sarah Pulaski, CMT

Sarah takes walk- in's during open hours                 20 min / $20.                        


 Carol Lott, LMT, CYI, owner

30 min / $40.    60 min / $80.

Reflexology is for all ages!

Who benefits from Reflexology?

Everyone! When your feet hurt, other parts of your body hurt too. When other parts of your body hurt, your feet can hurt too. From little ones to elders, Reflexology has been proven to alleviate many discomforts not only in the hands or feet but elsewhere in the body as well. Get relief that lasts. Helpful for water retension, circulation, improved nerve supply, better digestion, lowers blood pressure, improves quality and quantity of life energy.

Open hours/ Shop hours

Tues - Fri  2:00-6:00

Saturday 10:00-2:00

All other hours by appt. only

Stop by the Center anytime & pick up a schedule or brochure.They are available outside!

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