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Hand/Foot Ionic Detox Baths


Approx. 30 minutes session

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*Before and after a 30 minute session

Detox Bath For Two, now only $70!

Bring a friend! Do to popularity, we are now offering sessions for two people at the same time. Please book double appointments ahead of time. 

How It Works and What To Expect

How it works: 

The Ionic Body Balancer is a highly effective drug free, gentle and effective way to detoxify, cleanse and balance the whole body by using negative ions to gently pull toxins out of the body. Using this system, cells are energized by the ions to release oils, acids, heavy metals, fats, cellular debris, and other toxins which have accumulated in your body’s tissues, joints and over your lifetime. As your becomes detoxified , cleansed and balanced, you can experience a feeling of well being, increased energy and improved mental clarity. This technology can also eliminate parasites, nicotine and toxins from the tissue and joints.

During Your Treatment:

Sit back and relax as our foot detox bath does all the work. Your bath water will be warmed to your liking with just a little added organic sea salt to help stimulate the detox processes. As your feet soak in the warm water you are welcome to enjoy some of our complimentary refreshments and are encouraged to drink some water or hot tea. After only being in bath for a few minutes you will notice your bath water start to change colors.  Your bath will progressively get more and more icky as your treatment continues. Everyone experiences different colors and debris depending on the person. After your treatment is over we spray your feet with a lavender or peppermint spray. Then your feet are wrapped in a hot towel before being wiped down to clean off any remaining debris. 


*About 10 minutes into a detox

After Your Treatment: 

Our clients all come in for detox baths for different reasons. We have people who feel a range of things such as;  joint relief, headache/migraine relief,and allergy/illness relief. Many people get them to help with their overall energy. Almost everyone reports on feeling lighter, mentally clearer and more energized by the next day. Your body will continue to detox for the next few days after your treatment so drink plenty of water!


*end results of a 30 minute detox. Lots of different colorations. Each color has a different organ system or body ailment associated with it.

More Information

Helpful for following conditions:

Lyme Disease, Athritis, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Allergies, neruopathy, Chronic Pain, Low Energy, Overwieght, Chronic Illness, M.S, Gout, Edema, Lupus, Candidia, Addiction and so on!

Helps Remove:

Toxins, Viruses, Pollutants, Heavy Metals, Mold/Other Agents, Lymphatic Deposits, Parasites and Pathogens

Do Not Get Bath If:

Pregnant/Breastfeeding, On Blood Thinners, Anti-Psychotics or Anit-Seizure Medication, Have An Electronic Implant, Are A Transplant Recipient or under the age of 12.

Open Hours/Shop Hours

Mon - Fri  10:00-6:00

Saturday 10:00-2:00

All other hours by appt. only

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