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Stories from Anita's clients

Here's what people are saying about Anita's healthcoaching program.

"For the past 10 weeks I have been transforming my mind, and body with Anita. I wasn't sure what to expect from this program, however, it has become one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. I have uncovered what has been holding me back from achieving the things I want in this life, and developed mindfulness. I also unexpectedly lost weight & inches! I've learned so much about overall health- not just what foods to eat, but how to be healthy emotionally. This journey has alleviated anxiety and depression from my life. It has been something I have struggled with for many years, but because of Anita, and this program, I was able to reframe thoughts, and acknowledge parts of me that needed to be acknowledged...I can say, I've never felt this free in my entire life! I am so excited to see what the next two weeks have in store, and will genuinely miss my weekly phone calls with Anita!  

Anita! Thank you for being bold and taking the brave step to help others. I truly can't thank you enough for helping me through this journey! If you're on the fence about taking the next step- please do it, you won't regret it! Anita's approach is gentle, genuine, and non-judgmental...you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain'!

Jennifer Sneerenger,
mom of three, special ed teacher

"As I near the end of Anita’s 12-week program, I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done for myself. This is not a weight-loss program, it’s a journey to a total transformation. Yes, I lost 14 pounds and can fit into some of my favorite clothes again, but really that’s just a bonus compared to what I really got out of the program. I have learned what foods give me energy and the best time of the day to eat them. I stopped making excuses, improved important relationships in my life, faced and overcame lifelong fears, learned how to relive stress (not to eat it!), replaced bad habits with good ones, and reintroduced activities that used to bring me joy. I also suffer from anxiety and OCD, which has been greatly improved during this program. Many of my OCD behaviors have been reduced or eliminated. Although my weekly sessions are ending, Anita and her program have given me the tools, confidence, and courage to continue this journey on my own. However, I know she will always be there to support me because she is truly committed to and invested in all of her client’s success. If you are looking to change your life, I highly recommend you contact Anita".


Beth Girard, teacher.  



I spent 12 weeks with Anita and it was both eye opening and mind blowing. When I started with her my only goal was to loose weight, like all the other programs I’ve done, but Anita took me through 12 weeks of helping me with the emotional, physical and spiritual reasons why I stress eat and can’t keep weight off. My whole outlook on myself and my life has changed. She helped me realize that I need to take steps to take care of myself in all aspects of life and not be too hard on myself when I take step backwards. Her coaching is amazing and she was always there when I needed her. This is the program everyone should go through. She brings up past, present and future hopes, dreams and feelings, and teaches you ways of dealing healthy with them all. Love you Anita"


Lorraine Corso Kline,

massage therapist

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