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Meet Shirlene

I would like to greet everyone with a smile and introduce myself as a Lightworker. (A person who spreads awesome light throughout the world and shares gifts) I currently volunteer at a nearby hospital performing Reiki on staff and Oncology patients, as well as the NODA Program (No One Dies Alone) If you are seeking to become closer to your true self, I feel I can help you with that. I have learned various tools along my life’s journey, that have helped me to stay balanced, heal past issues and face good or bad challenges that arise. One of those tools happens to be Reiki. I am a Level II RP, IARP. Since 2011, I have worked on myself and those dear to me. I feel that it is now time to reach out further with my light to others in need. I have always fully embraced my gifts and continue to grow them. It is great joy, that I receive, in sharing my gifts with you. Gratitude for life is enhanced each day. Join me some time...

Services & Pricing

Sound Healing Meditations



Shirlene will lead you into a deep relaxation using her crystal singing bowls to help you focus on each of the major 7 chakras. Each bowl is attuned to a specific chakra, and throughout the appointment, she will help cleanse, clear and balance all 7 of your chakras. 
Everyone can benefit from this service. If you have never meditated before, do not fear! Shirlene helps guide you every step of the way to help you feel as relaxed as possible.

Private individual and group sessions available by appointment.


$35/ Hour- Private Individual Session (1 person)

$58/Hour- Couples Private Session (2 people)

$100/Hour- Private Group Session (4-6 people)

Add on Reiki $5 a person

Once a month: Full Moon Soul Singing 

Once a month Shirlene offers a public session of her chakra cleansing sing bowl session. Normally around the full moon. Spaces fill up fast, so we ask that you save your spot in advance. Light refreshments will be offered.

Next Date: March 6th, April 3rd

$15 a person

Reiki and Crystal Healing

Shirlene is unique! She blends her reiki sessions with crystal healing for no extra fee. Throughout your session, she will feel what crystals will best benefit you on your healing journey. After your appointment she will discuss your session with you, what she felt, what crystals she used and after treatment care.


Full Session: $45

Half Session: $25

*Full sessions are 45 minutes and a half sessions are 25 minutes


Animal Reiki

Animals love energy work and can benefit from it just as much as their owners. Not all pets take to it but when they do the results are exciting. Pets from all walks of life have received reiki. From formerly abused and mistreated pets learning to trust again, to well-loved critters in need of some relaxation. 

$25 a session

Distant Healing

Shirlene also offers distant healing sessions, for those who are not local or can not physically make it in person. 

$25 a person

$20 an animal

Open Hours/Shop Hours

Mon - Fri  10:00-6:00

Saturday 10:00-2:00

All other hours by appt. only

Stop by the Center anytime & pick up a schedule or brochure.They are available outside!

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