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Did you know, we have the largest amount of complimentary amenities than any other place around? These amenities are offered for our clients and customers to enjoy. Be our guest, feel at home. 


We have a beautiful and comfortable lounge downstairs for clients, customers and drivers to relax in. With soft oversized chairs, comfy pillows, reading materials, phone chargers, a crystal-infused waterfall and a tea station filled with a large selection of Organic Teas.


Tea Station:
Our tea station is 100% complementary to anyone who steps foot in the building. Make yourself a cup of hot tea from any of our 100% organic black or herbal teas. Mix in any of our local honey, raw sugar, creamer or spices to perfect your cup. Not a tea person? You can always sip on some of our fancy Zero Water while you take time to just sit and relax. Coffee, infused water, sun tea, and other drinks offered seasonally. Godiva chocolates are always stocked to be enjoyed! Other seasonal fruits and snacks are often out for all to enjoy. 


Massage Rooms: 
All our rooms feature a number of special things to give our clients the royal treatment they deserve. Such as:

Organic, vegan massage cream
Organic, vegan CBD pain cream
Organic, vegan CBD face lotion
Organic essential oils
Extra soft, plush sheets and blankets.
Comfy mattress toppers and foam face cradles
Table warmers, hand warmers, and foot warmers
Organic pillows, neck support pillows and bolsters
Electric tables with head and leg lifts (for those that need

to be elevated, and those that can not lay

on their stomachs, also great for Prenatal Massages)

Crystal infused waterfall fountains
Sun lamps
Air purifiers and humidifiers
Purifying salt lamps

Hot/Cold Packs
Relaxing music requests allowed
Hair ties

Jewelry bowls (a place to put your things)
Handicap accessible room
Pet free, allergy room


We have one pet-friendly massage room. For clients who want one of our warm kitty cats to keep them company (if any cat wants to) just let us know you would like a cat in the room. Or you can bring in one of your own well-behaved critters. Dogs love being in the room with their person during massages. They tend to deeply relax and soak up the benefits too. 

Yoga Room:
We have everything anyone could need for a yoga class. All free to use. But home brought tools are always welcome! We have:

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, extra-thick yoga mats
Soft yoga blankets
Pillows, bolsters, and other support items
Yoga blocks and wheels
Room sprays and mists
Mood lighting
Relaxing Music
Nature landscape projector
Air Purifiers
Crystal and Himilayan Salt infused waterfall fountain
Temperature control of the room
All-Natural, antibacterial, botanical wipes for yoga mats

We have two bathrooms, one is equipped for handicap needs. All bathrooms have:


Organic hand soap
Organic hand lotions
All Natural toiletries and wipes
Q-tips (for makeup touch-ups)
Organic body and room sprays
Organic feminine hygiene products 


Therapy Cats:
Not technically an amenity but they are the people's choice for the favorite bonus. Mary Jane, Brutus, Binx and Baker are our live in kitty cats. We often have foster cats that are adoptable as well. They are usually 100% okay with clients interacting with them. Mary Jane often likes to sit in with her favorite clients and purr the whole massage. If you are allergic to cats, we have a room far away from the cats that they are NOT allowed in. We have air purifiers running all day and we keep things super clean. 

Thank You in Advance

All Donations Benefit CatWorks Adoptables, Reading 

We offer these amenities because we are thankful for our customers, clients, and students that visit us regularly. You are our guests and we care about your well being. If you want to thank us.... in return...

Please make a donation to CatWorks Adoptables and/or

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Thank you from all the staff at the 

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