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Who are the shop cats?

Meet our Therapy Cats, Mary Jane, Brutus and Binx

Mary Jane

Hello, my name is Mary Jane! Some of you will get why it is and others...not so much. I am the official shop kitty cat and personal greeter! I came a long way from Kuwait. Where I was not treated very kindly. Luckily for me, local animal rescue group Cat Works saved me from a life of neglect and abuse. I was brought to Massage and Yoga Center one day for a Cats and Mats yoga class. After charming my way into everyone's heart and practically claiming the place as my own, I found my furever home. Now, this former street cat is living the life of royalty (as if I deserve any less). Make sure to stop by and play with me!


Likes: dangly stringy things, naps in the sunlight, sleeping between clients' legs during massages, purring on yoga mats during class, attacking my moms, other animals, playing with my toys, watching birds on the projector in the yoga room, eating bugs ( I am pest control) 

Dislikes: being stepped on (I get it, I match the carpet), being picked up by children, political debates, being told where I can and can not go, loud cars in the parking lot, and having my picture taken. 

Codename: Pretty Girl


Hey, names Brutus. You can call me Brutty. I came to find my forever home the hard way, by being hit by a car. Long story short, I was hit and left for dead. But I am alive and well, down to three legs but alive. Tragic, I know. Cat Works picked me up and before I knew it I was sent out to be fostered here at the center. I was very unhealthy and recovery was seeming further and further away. I finally did get better once I was told I could stay and be a part of the Exeter Wellness Center family forever! 

Likes: Boxes, Cheese, Sunshine, Laser Pointers, Tiny Spaces, The Grateful Dead, Ball Toys, and Short Walks on the Beach at Sunset (if I had an extra leg, I would say long walks)
Dislikes: Chicken Products, Loud Sudden Noises, Being Held, People Touching my Hump, Taylor Swift, and When the FedEx guy doesn’t bring me boxes to play in.

Codename: Brutty


Hello there, Binx here! Don’t believe those stereotypes about us black cats, we are actually very lucky. Or at least I am. I was once a house cat but unfortunately, to NO fault of my own, my previous owners felt it necessary to abandon me at a feral cat colony. Domesticated cats like myself can not survive with feral cats. The days went on and on and on. Until one very hot summer day when Sarah scooped me up and brought me back to the center to recover. Turns out I had a large list of health problems and recovery would be long and harsh. But they never gave up on me and I never once let my illness bring me down. Today, I am basically all better, minus a snotty nose (it is actually pretty cute). I am the most friendly cat here, but I often keep to myself. 

Likes: Toys, Food, Window Gazing, SNL Skits, Head Bops, Halloween, Sleeping, Watching TV, and Walking under your Feet when the room is dark.
Dislikes: Vaccum Cleaners, Spray Bottles, Being Picked Up, Taking Medicine, Global Warming, Having my nose wiped, and Football Season. 

Codename: Binxi Boy

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